Tech Spotlight: ShadyFace

ShadyFace is the only sunshade created with a “provisional patent swivel ” allowing you to control the amount of shade you desire with your controlled “lock – in “positioning and unique swivel action device, providing the optimum shade as needed whether at high noon or into the late afternoon creating protection throughout the sun’s full rotation.

ShadyFace secures your lotion’s, electronic media , key’s and what ever you wish to store in its handy secured canvas pockets and self carrying canvas back pack.


pic 1


With ShadyFace you can now relax under your private shade while reading your electronic devices since there’s no reason to not bring the office outdoors !

ShadyFace sunshades are designed with convenience in mind…..

Exceptional for boats , yachts, or for your next cruise ship excursion since shade is not an option unless your indoors. The light weight canvas and easy folding disposition protect’s the head, face, chest and upper body from the intense sun exposure.

Gone are the days of using a towel to protect your head and chest just to keep you cool while seeking protection from the sun’s damaging rays….

Say ” Hello” to ShadyFace….

Your best friend for the outdoors….. Your best friend for life !


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