On cruise ships, “a day at sea” offer’s guests the opportunity to unwind on deck or by the pool

Finding shade however, is one factor we all seek, whether we are cautious of too much sun exposure or seek a cool environment.

Since umbrella’s are banned from large vessels, shade is now a commodity, leaving many passengers no option but to cover their faces with towels or hide in corners of the ship just to find a way to escape the intense sun rays.

ShadyFace Sun Shades are the perfect travel companion as a “carry -on ” for the utmost in sun protection when at sea or on excursions.

With ShadyFace flat-folding style and back pack travel ability, ShadyFace Sun Shade is your best attribute for “on the go” portable shade. Now, the head and upper body can stay shaded and cool with the ability to read all wireless media while under your self adjusting universal applications.

Perfect for all lounge recliners whether by the pool, on deck or on any Island destination. ShadyFace is a terrific attribute to boats, yachts or any time at sea.

“Bon Voyage” from ShadyFace!