Thanks to PET AGE and DOGSTER Publications for reaching out & selecting ShadyPaws,Inc. for their editorials this year!

ShadyPaws manufactures & distributes “Cage Free” therapeutic travel pet shades for dogs on the go… Perfect for dogs to relax under when dining out, hotel travel, boat trips or spending the day at the beach!

Heat exhaustion, eye sensitivities & hot asphalts are avoided when placing dogs under ShadyPaws for adjustable shade relief. All size dogs can enjoy their space when placed on furniture, ground, bicycle baskets, radio flyers or vessels!

ShadyPaws,Inc. is a great brand for puppy training or a “safety spot” for nervous pets in public. Ample ventilation offers a cool atmosphere along with skin protection & heat relief. A carry bag, furniture belts & ground spikes included. Secured pockets hold treats, leashes & water bowls!

ShadyPaws,Inc. is now retailing
globally throughout the U.S., including Hawaiian Islands, Canada, Europe, Japan & Lebanon.

Distribution Inquiries: [email protected]