Music Music Music! Music is something that I must have in my life, which means I am always looking for portable speakers. Today I received two speakers from a company called ShadyFace. These speakers are so tiny, but pack a great sound. I was super impressed by the quality of the sound that came from these speakers. ShadyFace is proud to be an American! Not only are these little buggers great, but ShadyFace is giving back! They are donating proceeds from each Shadyface speaker sold to the families of fallen soldiers through The American Fallen Soldiers Project.

The first speaker that I will talk to you about is their Hawaiian Print Bluetooth Speaker. The price of this speaker is $29.99 and comes in a very fun Hawaiian style pattern.  They offer black or blue, here is a closer image of the pattern. I really like the style of this speaker. Below you will also find an image beside a mouse, so you can see just how small this is.




Personally, I love the size of this speaker! It is perfect to put into your backpack when hiking or when you go on walks. It is very light weight and is very nicely made! This speaker is compatible with Iphone, Ipad and all Bluetooth devices. Included in the box comes your speaker as well as a USB cable for charging. It takes about two hours to fully charge and lasts 12+ hours on a full charge.


The second speaker that I received is just like the Hawaiian Print speaker, but it just comes in black and white. This speaker is $19.00 and can be found here. All of the technical information on this speaker in compared to the other looks about the same. The only difference is the color. It lasts 12+ hours and takes about 2 hours for a full charge. As you can tell from the picture below, the speaker is the exact same as its Hawaiian counterpart.



Time is running away with me and I hope to post a video of just how these sound. If I can get one up this week, I will update. They do have a great sound for as small of a speaker they are. The clarity is perfect and no muffling at all. I had a little bit of a problem getting them to connect to my Bluetooth but in the end they finally did. I do recommend checking out ShadyFace and their products.