animal_wellness_mag_logoAnimal Wellness Magazine is more than a news resource. They believe it is a journey of compassion, learning and sharing… all to help animals.

Their recent article, “Your Pet’s Life Will Be Better With ShadyPAWS!” focuses on pet health through sun protection.

“There are so many health benefits when using ShadyPaws such as their unique ‘swivel canvas canopy’,  which provides the proper level of shade for achieving the best environment from “Over Heating”. Keeping your pets clean from the dirty floors when in public is essential, so my canvas flooring and all canvas material can be removed and cleaned.  I even incorporated velcro pockets to hold a water bowl, leashes or any pet food, making ShadyPaws a pleasure to bring everywhere.  ShadyPaws can be placed on the ground when dining in outdoor restaurants, parks, lakes, and beaches or on lounge recliners for backyards, hotels and resorts.  ShadyPaws are the perfect additions for any outdoor adventure since these light weight, travel friendly shades fold flat into their own backpacks.”

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