BENETEAUShadyFace Sunshades had a marvelous rendezvous this weekend with the exclusive Beneteau French Yacht Line on Two Harbors, in Catalina, California to celebrate 130 years of continued success for their fleet.

Patricia and Charles Darquea gifted ShadyFace Bluetooth Technology Speakers to invited VIP guests of Beneteau, while introducing ShadyFace Sunshades to their guest’s for the benefit to stay cool and protected with “all day ” shade when relaxing outdoors on the front of vessels or when placed on lounge recliners – Invented and Designed by Patricia Darquea.

ShadyFace is the perfect “fold and go” sunshade with its light weight design, aerodynamic styling and flat folding disposition. Shade is now finally possible when at sea or when docked for upper body or full body sun protection with ShadyFace “self- adjusting” canvas shades enhancing everyone’s relaxation especially when using electronic media such as tablets and telephones….”re-inventing your outdoor lifestyle” by having it made in the shade!

Shade is almost always obsolete when at sea, however, Patricia Darquea has created the perfect “Carry-on” for “on board “sun protection or when arriving at your favorite Island destination by placing ShadyFace on the sand or any lounge recliner prior to continuing your journey with the Beneteau luxury vessels.

Thank you, Beneteau.