Summer time is around the corner and sun burns will be on the rise… but have no fear since ShadyFace is here!
ShadyFace Sunshades has made a large impression with resorts and hotels throughout the Islands of  Hawaii. Therefore we’ve received a special invitation to showcase our sunshades to tourists and locals alike by offering everyone a chance to personally try our sunshade prototypes while at pools and beaches throughout.
This opportunity is tremendous since every age group can try our ShadyFace Sunshades for the protection to the upper body or full body with our provisional patented “Swivel Canopy” allowing the consumer the ability adjust their shade accordingly.
This gorilla marketing opportunity will create “direct awareness” for the benefits of ShadyFace Sunshades. A camera crew will be following us throughout Hawaii, filming the positive effects ShadyFace offers for everyone. It will allow Hawaiian tourists to experience the benefits of our low lying shade on lounge recliners and on the sand while reading all wireless media under the privacy of their ShadyFace.
…For the perfect “carry-on” sunshade for your next vacation, holiday, cruise ships or yacht excursions where shade is a rarity and ShadyFace is a commodity!