ShadyFace Inc. is please to announce an endorsement from Dr. Roger Green M.D. of  Dermatology in San Clemente California.
“The attributes and benefits for sun protection  is essential for anytime sun protection while outdoors with ShadyFace Sun Shades and SPF lotions……”


~Dr. Roger Green, M.D. Dermatology

Dermatologists throughout the nation are seeing more awareness from the public regarding sun protection, and actively seeking alternatives to avoid direct sun exposure.

The first step is to always wear sun screen everyday even when one is not outdoors and when outside, limit the intensity of direct sun exposure.

ShadyFace Sun Shades are alternatives to limiting the sun ‘s harmful rays and can conveniently travel anywhere. With their universal application these shades can be used on lounge recliners or on the ground.  ShadyFace offers adjustability  for full body  or  upper body protection, creating a cool environment with the capability of controlling your very own sun shade.