What People Are Saying About ShadyFace

“Your idea is genius. What a brilliant idea.” ~ Porsha Coleman, Host of Hollywood Today Live

“I can’t wait to use ShadyFace. Now I don’t need to hide now under my towel when I go to the beach.” ~ Jen Lilly, Actress on Days of our Lives

“We need to be more aware of how we protect ourselves.” ~ Aaron Refvem, Actor on General Hospital

“Wow…. I love ShadyFace. Now I can do all my texting underneath and keep cool.” ~ Asia Monet Ray, TV Series Actress on Raising Asia

“ShadyFace is cool. Shade and electronic reading in one unit.” ~ Donis Leonard Jr., Actor

“Everybody needs a ShadyFace!  Why not look great and stay protected.” Ashley Boettcher, Actress

“I like outdoor adventures and like that ShadyFace can go anywhere. Clever idea! Job well done.” ~ Wayne Miller, Lead Guitarist

“Your idea is genius. What a great idea to protect all skin types,” says Porsha Coleman, host of Hollywood Today Live. And this was the first impression ShadyFace Sunshades and a Bluetooth Speaker technology received, impressing all the stars who attended the Teen Choice Awards. The amazing reactions from all who attended gave a positive and enthusiastic reaction from Patricia Darquea’s clever invention.

“I’m proud to follow my “American Dream” by putting something on this earth which fulfills a purpose, provides a solution and offers a positive element for the world to enjoy,” says Patricia Darquea.

ShadyFace is the “ultimate traveling shade” offering a light weight, cool and effective sun protection sunshade. It was demonstrated to talented celebrities such as Porsha Coleman, Jen Lilley, Asia Monet Ray, Adonis Leonard Jr., Wayne Miller, Ashley Boettcher, Shameik Moore, Lexi Noel, and Aaron Refvem… just to name a few. They all agreed ShadyFace is the best idea they have seen in a long time!

ShadyFace is applicable to any age and all skin types. The biggest misconception discussed at the Teen Awards is that “one doesn’t need to have fair skin to be in jeopardy of Melanoma…..Everyone is affected by the harmful rays of the sun, especially since it’s only getting worse and protecting oneself with high SPF lotions is just not enough when outdoors,” says Darquea.

The reactions ShadyFace received from celebrities, their families and friends was so positive that everyone wanted to lay under ShadyFace and try out its “provisional patented swivel canopy” which provides upper body and or full body shade for the entire day. Just “fold and go” by adjusting your canvas canopy in the direction of the sun’s rotation… whether at the beach, park, hotel resorts , cruise ships or your backyard and applying ShadyFace to any lounge recliner or the ground.

Hands down, ShadyFace was the Celebrities Choice Award for lying under and chilling out! It looks great , offers shade , cool’s you down and is perfect for any type of travel.

Let ShadyFace be your “ultimate travel sunshade ” when resting, reading electronics or just seeking privacy. Everyone can now “Have it made in the shade with ShadyFace Sunshades.” – ORDER NOW