96.5 KOIT airs an Adult Contemporary format featuring artists like Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Journey and Colbie Caillat. Since 2003, KOIT has been playing all holiday music beginning the week before Thanksgiving through Christmas Day, December 25. KOIT is known as “The Bay Area’s Official Christmas Music Station.” The animal enthusiasts especially love “Wet Nose Wednesday.” Their pet friendly audience will love ShadyPaws benefits for their holiday consideration.


“Like to take your dog to the beach, park, outdoor dining, or your neighbor’s pool?
I DO!  Problem is, if there’s no shade for my dogs, I leave early so they don’t get overheated.  And for this little guy, that’s awfully soon.
ShadyPaws Sun Shade Portable Canopy.  (Made in the USA.)  I recieved this as an early Christmas gift, and it is the BEST GIFT EVER!  I’m soo impressed.”

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