The suite at “The Emmy’s” was buzzing with celebrities as Patricia Darquea from ShadyFace Sunshades was being filmed for her charity, “The Ronald McDonald House.”

One ShadyFace Sunshade is being auctioned off with celebrity signatures, so profits will go to the children and families who are stricken with illnesses.

Celebrities like Shashwanee Hall, Lance Reddick, Carol Conners, Don Swayze, Estelle Harris, Penny Johnson Jerald and Deanna Lund, to name a few, came to experience ShadyFace Sunshades by lying underneath and experiencing the privacy with shaded protection, while listening to the incredible sound system ShadyFace Bluetooth Speakers produce while relaxing underneath!

rmhc-logoThe day presented great success for ShadyFace Sunshades by not only demonstrating the latest innovation for sun protection to all the stars who mingled with Patricia Darquea, but to all those special celebrities who offered their signature for a special cause … not only to raise awareness for sun protection , but offering their willingness to help where ever they could for the assistance to raise money for Patricia Darquea’s charity of choice, The Ronald McDonald House.

A special “Mahalo” to all celebrities who signed!

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