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  • ShadyFace on back side of yacht
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  • Shadyface Photo on Cruise ship
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ShadyFace Sunshade for Yachts / Cruise Ships


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Includes a backpack, Tablet Holder,  sand spikes, furniture belts for $ 149.00

  • The canvas used for ShadyFace is made up of #10 100% acrylic canvas material.
  • The canvas metal snaps are weather resistant and come in colors that match the canvas color.
  • The pockets come with Velcro to secure personal items from falling out.
  • The canopy and all plastic parts are made of light weight ABS plastic and are heat resistant.
  • The provisional patent swivel is made of black ABS hard plastic.
  • The lounge chair straps are made of strong adjustable nylon belt which matches the ShadyFace canvas with buckles.
  • The frame is made of light weight tubular aluminum
  • The backpack is made of #10 canvas and has adjustable straps and has a plastic zipper.
  • The backpack pocket has Velcro to secure personal items.
  • All parts and canvas is lead free.
  • ShadyFace measure 23″ wide x 31″ long x 6″ thick.
  • ShadyFace weight 6 lbs with the backpack included.
  • ShadyFace is a carry-on in airplane overhead compartments on large passage aircrafts.

Captain Navy, Persian Green